The Studio - live to the left, dry to the right.

The Studio – live to the left, dry to the right.

My studio was designed by Rosati Acoustics (Boston, MA). The control room features Kii Three’s for stereo mix down. For surround, Genelec 1031’s (LCR) and Genelec 1030’s for the rears. The soffits house a pair of Genelec 1038’s.  I have Amphion One15’s (powered by an Amphion Amp500) and Auratones on a Sound Anchors powered lift. (NS10s available) The room was tuned by acoustician Mike Chafee.

Separate machine rooms isolate the noisy equipment from the mixing area. I have a set of ASC Tube Traps and Taytrix StackIt gobos.

The studio features a live area that is all red oak and stone. It’s very quiet. A separate vocal booth doesn’t have to be for vocals. It actually sounds good for drums! Tons of mics, tons of pre’s, tons of fun.

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  • Console: Euphonix CS2000 with 3000 software, 56 channels
  • Recorder: ProTools HD3, 24 analog channels I/O, Ampex MM-1200 24i track 2" w/ extra 16 track headstack
  • Outboard: tc 6000, 1176, LA-4 modified by Alactronics, Thermionic Culture Phoenix, Empirical Labs Fatso, Alan Smart C2, Millenia NSEQ-2 and so on...
  • Guitar Amps: a baker's dozen of the finest vintage and boutique names.

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