The Studio - live to the left, dry to the right.

The Studio – live to the left, dry to the right.

My studio was designed by Rosati Acoustics (Boston, MA). The control room features ADAM S3-A’s in the LCR position (for 5.1 of course!) and Genelec 1030’s for the rears (upper) and 1031’s for the alternate rear (lower). Overhead is a Genelec 1031 for IMAX projects. This is all bass managed with dual Genelec 7071 subwoofers. The soffits house a pair of Genelec 1038’s.  I have Amphion One18s (powered by an Amphion Amp500) and Auratones on a Sound Anchors powered lift. (NS10s, Avantones available) The room was tuned by acoustician Mike Chafee.

Separate machine rooms isolate the noisy equipment from the mixing area. I have a set of ASC Tube Traps and Taytrix StackIt gobos.

The studio features a live area that is all red oak and stone. It’s very quiet. A separate vocal booth doesn’t have to be for vocals. It actually sounds good for drums! Tons of mics, tons of pre’s, tons of fun.

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  • Console: Euphonix CS2000 with 3000 software, 56 channels
  • Recorder: ProTools HD3, 24 analog channels I/O, Ampex MM-1200 24i track 2" w/ extra 16 track headstack
  • Outboard: tc 6000, 1176, LA-4 modified by Alactronics, Thermionic Culture Phoenix, Empirical Labs Fatso, Alan Smart C2, Millenia NSEQ-2 and so on...
  • Guitar Amps: a baker's dozen of the finest vintage and boutique names.

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