ConsoleElectric Davey-land!

Euphonix CS2000 with CS3000 software, 56 channels, 16 channels of Euphonix ES108A dynamics, MultiMax for 5.1 monitoring, Euphonix MC Control for DAW control


Kii Three’s, Genelec 1038’s, Genelec 1031’s (LCR) Genelec 1031’s (Ls/Rs), Amphion One15’s powered by an Amphion Amp500, NS-10M’s, Auratones (nearfields on a Sound Anchors motorized lift), JBL 4311’s for studio playback

RecordersAmpex MM-1200

Pro Tools HDX2 on a Mac Pro 7,1 with two HD I/O interfaces loaded with 24 channels of analog inputs and outputs, one HD Digital I/O, two UAD-2 DSP OCTO accelerator cards, Ampex MM-1200 24-track recorder with additional 16-track and 8-track heads, Tascam RA-3000, Crane Song HEDD Quantum, Sound Devices 788T, Tascam DA-45HR DAT, Tascam 122 MkIII cassette, Fostex E-2 30 IPS 2-track with Dolby A/SR.

Mic Preamps

Euphonix (56), Massenberg 8302, Grace 801 (8), John Hardy M1 (6), Universal Audio 2-610, Avalon 737sp (1), Avalon AD 2022, A Designs Pacifica, Neve Portico 5024 , Vintech Audio X73 (2), Millennia TG-1, AEA RPQ


Euphonix ES 108A (16), Universal Audio 1176LN, UREI LA-4 (2) modified by Alactronics, Thermionic Culture Phoenix, API 2500, DBX 160xt (4), TF Pro P8, Alan Smart C2, Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor (2), Empirical Labs Fatso, SPL Transient Designer

Some outboard...


t. c. electronic 6000, Bricasti M7, Lexicon PCM 80 (2), Yahama SPX900, Millennia NSEQ-2, Manley Massive Passive, Audio Simplified Pedal Pusher

Direct Inject

Millennia TG-1, Radial JD-7, Countryman Type 85, BSS AR-133 (2), Sescom DB-1, Audio Simplified Pedal Pusher


Neumann U47 (2), Nordic Audio Nu47, Neuman M 149, KM184 (2), Neumann KM86i, Neumann U87, Manley Reference, REDD, Gefel UM 92, AKG 414B-ULS (4) modified by Audio Upgrades, Holophone H-2 Pro (7.1 mic w/DPA 6010 capsules), Electrovoice RE 20, Audio-Technica AT 4033, Audio-Technica ATM25 (7), Sennheiser MD 421 (3), Josephson e22S (3), Shure SM7A, Shure SM53 (2), Shure SM57 (5), Shure SM58, Shure 51, Shure SM81 (2), Schoeps CMC 5 w/MK4 (3), Crown PZM 30RG (2), Royer 121, Royer SF-12, Coles 4038 (2), RCA BK-5B, AKG D112, DPA 4011 (2), DPA CORE Binaural, Heil PR40, AKG 451 B (3), Sennheiser MKH 416, Beyerdynamic M422, Beyerdynamic TG D70, Earthworks T30K (2), Earthworks QTC-1 (2), Earthworks PM40, Warm WA-87R2, Warm WA-251, Nady VHM-7, Yahama Subkick, Copperphone, Reem novelty mic


Headphones by Audeze, Beyer, Fostex, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Sony and UltraPhones (16 pairs total), Mytek Private Q headphone system, Crown D75 (second headphone system), Audio Simplified Hot Heads headphone amplifier (2), Tube Traps (8), Taytrix Stack-It Gobo system, Arcam CD player with Benchmark DAC1, 7’ Screen with Epson projector.