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In the studio tracking drums in '73

I bought my first tape recorder in 1965 when I was a kid. It was a cheap, portable, open-reel machine that was sold on Army bases so soldiers could send ‘talking letters’ home to their families. Little did I know it would lead to this! I bought my last tape machine in the Fall of 2008, an Ampex MM-1200 2″.  Built in 1979, I’m the second owner. The first was Universal Studios, Hollywood. I’ve been doing this long enough to go full circle; analog to digital and back to analog. Well, not completely back to analog, but I have the best of both worlds available for the most complete recording environment possible.

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  • More On Drums, Part 3
    Shells and Coverings Going back thousands of years, the traditional drum shell material has been wood. It's musical, depending on the type, it's easy to work with and it's relatively inexpensive. Metals have also been used and since the 1970’s, plastic. Let’s look at plastics first.
  • More on Drums, Part 2
    There are some great sounding drums out there. Gretsch immediately comes to mind because my experience recording them has always been satisfying. In fact, many sponsored drummers are secretly using Gretsch in the studio. Is it the bearing edge, wood choices, plies or grey automotive paint used inside the shell that makes them sound so good?
  • More on Drums, Part 1
    This article is titled “More On Drums” and if you say it out loud - - say it now - - it sounds like “Moron Drums”, which could be said for the drummer but definitely not the drum.
  • 100 Things I Like
    These are things I like (in no particular order)

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